Design Inspiration: Kitchen Design Winner 2016 List & Photos

Get Inspired By The Kitchen Design Winner 2016 List From NKBA!

NKBA (National Kitchen and Bathroom Association) has concluded the 2016 kitchen and bathroom design awards, and the winners are among the top rated interior designers in the world. The competition which happens annually in Las Vegas at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show). KBIS has been internationally recognized as the authority on kitchen design and technology for the last 50 years. Each year, the top interior designers in the world enter into their prestigious design competition in hopes of a shot at a win. The kitchens and the designers which win the top awards from NKBA set the tone for the entire industry . They are recognized as the best, most innovative, and highest ranked interior designers in the world, and with good reason.

We take a look at the designs that won this year’s prestigious awards in many categories, including:

  • Small Kitchen
  • Medium Kitchen
  • Large Kitchen
  • Best Green Kitchen
  • Best Budget Kitchen (our favorite)

These winners and their designs will be what determines the design trends which will dominate the kitchen design landscape this year. They are fantastic design inspiration for anyone out there looking to keep their kitchen on the cutting edge of style and design.

1. Small Kitchen Design Winner 2016 - Judith Wright Sentz, AKBD..

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You  can learn more about Judith by checking out her blog.

2. Medium Kitchen Design Winner 2016 -Emily Miller, CKD

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Learn more about Emily Miller by visiting her profile on HGTV 

3. Large Kitchen Design Winner 2016 - Mark T. White, CKD

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To see more of Mark’s fabulous designs, visit his home portfolio page.

4. Best Green Kitchen Design Winner 2016 - Cassandra Nordell, William Standen Co.



You can learn more about this award winning designer by visiting her online  


5. Best Budget Kitchen Design Winner 2016 - Cheryl Kees Clendenon , Detail Interiors

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To see more work by Cheryl Clendenon, visit her homeportfolio page 


Congratulations to the 2016 KBIS award winners! For a full list of winners, visit the NKBA website

The Trends We See

There are some design elements that we notice throughout each of these designs:

  • ample hidden/pull out storage space
  • high contrast colors
  • neutral color schemes with bold accent colors
  • grey, white, and wood tones
  • floor to ceiling cabinets
  • kitchen islands
  • grey flooring
  • clean, crisp lines
  • stainless steel appliances

It is safe to assume that many of the design elements seen in these award winning concepts will become the staples of kitchen design this year.  These designers take interior design to the next level, and we hope that you are as inspired by these wonderful kitchen interiors as we are!

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