Country Kitchens : Style Spotlight

What makes a kitchen, a country style kitchen?

This article examines the country/ranch style kitchens and explains the history, elements, trends, and current definition of the style.

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What is Country Style (also known as ranch style)?

A country kitchen (also referred to as a ranch style kitchen) should have a farm house feel to it. Bright colors, pastels, floral print, distressed finishes, vintage signage, chunky wood furniture, lace window treatments, wood burning, copper, and large central tables are some elements you may expect to find in a country kitchen. As with most other styles, as times have changed, the country kitchen has had its own transformations.

Some designers have gone as far as to further divide the style into even more specific classes such as Frnch country style, spanish country style,  or American Country. Although these divisions exist, the style itself remains generally unchanged and continues to incorporate its basic elements despite these modern adjustments.



As far as color goes, you will want to avoid anything that is too stark, too bright, or too dark. Sticking to upbeat, warm, cosy colors is the best  practice. Remember., a country style kitchen is supposed to warm and cozy feeling.

barn red, straw yellow, sage green, dusky periwinkle. Avoid outdated combinations such as mauve and Wedgwood blue, and lighten up the look with plenty of white, cream, and ivory—always classic and crisp.
country kitchen color palatte


Fabrics and Textiles

Hand woven fabrics, quilts, rags,  rugs, and other textiles with a lot of texture are very integral to a country space. The trick is to be able to incorporate these elements without making the space seem overly busy. Large floral patterns are common, as well as plaids, and polkadotted fabrics.

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Another incredibly important aspect to a country style is having large, comfortable furniture. Most often made from wood, and sometimes painted to accent the room.  By and large, furnishings in country style have familiar profiles and comfy silhouettes: Windsor and ladderback chairs, slipcovered loveseats and settees, iron and spooled-wood bedsteads. The pieces you choose should feel warm and welcoming, as though guests can sink in and put up their feet.

country kitchen furniture


Decor and Accents

Think simple. Country Kitchens aren’t complicated, and are best designed with organic materials in mind. Consider wild flowers in a pitcher, or vintage signs. Woven baskets, farm themed ceramics and pottery are all good decoration elements that one would normally find in a country kitchen.


Country Kitchen Ideas

Here are some beautiful photos of great country kitchens we found across the web:

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