10 Unique Kitchen Countertop Designs…That Actually Work

One of the best aspects of any kind of remodeling project, especially kitchen remodeling, is that the sky is the limit- as long as whatever design and materials serves its function, designers and home owners alike have an open platform to be as creative as they would like. The following home owners took that idea to heart and came up with some truly unexpected materials for their kitchen countertops; which actually worked out in the end. The following kitchen countertop designs may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but in a strange way, these home owners  pushed the limitations of kitchen design, and challenged the long accepted status quo regarding suitable materials for kitchen counter tops


1. Copper-Covered Kitchen Countertops

We will start off this adventure into the wacky world of strange countertops with something a little more conservative. These countertops were actually made from wood then, a very thin sheet of copper was used to cover the wood. In order to prevent the copper from oxidizing, a thin coat of resin was used to seal in the beautiful characteristics of the copper sheets beneath. I understand why this is an appealing material to use for kitchen countertops, but with the ever-increasing cost of copper, it may not be the most economical.


copper  kitchen counter tops

2. Thick Glass Kitchen Countertops

Although glass isn’t exactly a strange material, its application in this unique kitchen countertop design is definitely not traditional by any standard. This countertop offers an interesting perspective and aesthetic. I can’t help but be reminded of a fish tank or swimming pool when I look at this design.

large glass kitchen countertops


3. Glass + Rope Lights = Good Idea?

Keeping in line with the glass idea, these kitchen countertops take flashy to the next level. Supposedly these countertops are constructed in a way which allows for a rope light to be places underneath, which provides the spectactular ambient lighting. Definitely eye catching, these kitchen countertops are a conversation piece to say the least.

light up glass kitchen countertop

4. Glass with a …splash..of  Color

Closing out the glass portion of this list, these custom countertops actually compliment this ultra contemporary kitchen design beautifully. The bright splashes of blue integrated into the thick glass is the only disorder visible in the space, and yet it pulls the room together as a central feature. Additionally, such bold colors, especially multiple colors, are not something one would typically see used in a contemporary kitchen design such as this one, but somehow; these countertops really suit the space incredibly well.



5. Wine, Anyone?

At first glance, this fantastic DIY example of casting resin, seems like a stick on graphic, but look closely, and you can see that this kitchen countertop is actually made from a lot of wine corks, all arranged perfectly, and cast into clear resin. Definitely a novel idea, and one you can be sure you won’t find at any big box retailer or in the kitchen of your neighbors, this quirky  countertop is fun, and fresh, and says a lot about the homeowner. Namely- “I like wine… a lot.




6. Countertops Made from Geodes… Rock

Ok, so technically, this isn’t a kitchen countertop, but this idea was too unique, and too interesting to not mention. Another resin cast countertop, this bathroom countertop is made from a large quantity of blue geodes, all cut into slices. I can’t imagine how much depth the natural crystals add to the look of the counter tops, and the brilliant blue is about as far from traditional and bland as one can get. This design is definitely loud, but somehow works, well.


7. Recycled Glass/ Sea Glass

Talk about a cheap alternative to natural stone! This unique kitchen countertop was made from loose pieces of recycled glass which were roughly equivalent  in size. These loose bits of glass were then mixed into a putty with resin and set as you see them. Considering the cost of recycled glass such as the glass used in these awesome kitchen countertops is roughly 5x less expensive than its natural granite counterpart; it can be argued that this environmentally friendly alternative is both unique, and incredibly practical.


8. Penny for your thoughts?

The use of pennies in resin as a surface is nothing new- but to use it in a kitchen? It is a bold choice, and one that I assume is pretty time consuming. These Homeowners did a great job though. Initially, it is hard to imagine such a novelty design for kitchen countertops would fit into any style of decor outside of “dive bar”, but actually, this countertop is interesting, unique, and not something you see every day.

unusual countertop materials penny

9. In a Land Far Far Away

This homeowner says that this far-out kitchen countertop was made simply from mixing different ultra-fine, iridescent  glitters into resin at different densities. Oddly elegant, this unique kitchen countertop design could be paired with natural earth tones, stark contemporary style, or with come careful planning could fit into a modern kitchen design.


galaxy kitchen countertops

10. Spring time, all the time

grass resin kitchen countertops

If I was working with a contractor on remodeling my kitchen, and they said to me “what I want to do for your counters is get a large amount of long grass trimming, and cast it in resin for your counter top”, I would have inquired about that person’s sanity…. but actually, this unique and definitely creative kitchen countertop design is aesthetically pleasing and truly gives a certain “country” or “rustic” feel to this kitchen space. It is such a unique idea, and used anywhere else, it wouldn’t have worked. However, this  bizarre idea suits this space perfectly, and should act as a reminder that trying new ideas can actually turn out awesome.

Remodeling Projects Open the Door to Our Inner Creativity-

And often times, materials you may imagine would never work, actually turn out to be exactly what a room needs for that added oomph. These bizarre, unique, and unexpected kitchen countertops are a shining example of the continued growth  of innovation in home decor, and interior design.

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Published: 4/20/2016

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